A Letter to My Future Self

Resolutions and goals have been a part of our New Year for generations.  Some people reset, dream for the future and gear up for fresh starts.  Others, decide they will never honor the resolutions, so don’t set them, have no idea what their goals would be and so settle into the new year,  business as usual.  

When we are young we are so future focused.  We look forward to birthdays, high school graduations, college, jobs, marriage, children….and then what?  It is typically, at this point in our lives that we start becoming past focused.  We begin to look where we were instead of where we are going, why? 

Ask yourself, if I change nothing, what will my life look like in 1 year?  

I challenge you to invest a moment of time in yourself and try this exercise. If you were to write a letter from your future self, what would it say?   Start with this…

As I sit here today, December 31, 2022 and see the year you are embarking on, I would like to offer you so many things.  This year will be filled with some glorious experiences that you will remember always, and some difficult experiences that you would rather forget.  In other words, you will live the human experience.   Here is some advice I want to offer you as you move through this year….  

This exercise is different.  This is thought provoking, but like choosing a word for the year, giving advice to yourself from a future self is very interesting.  It finds your Achilles heel.  It shows you what you are worried about, afraid of, challenged by.  Your future self, however, already knows what it wants to have achieved.  Your future self is confident in the stories end, now you get to live this year writing the chapters.  

No one gets to live your life but you. No one gets to decide how it is lived except you.  No one gets to tell you what you are capable of….there is nothing you cannot achieve if you set your mind to it.  It sounds cliche, but there is no truer statement.  Will you visualize what you want and go after it, or will you take life as it comes and pray for the best?   You get to choose, no judgement on which way you decide, but what I offer here, is that you have a choice.  

Take a minute or an hour.  Write a letter from the person you want to be on December 31, 2022.  Tell her what you want her to strive for, think about, dream and create.  Assure her of failure, it is the price of success.  Tell her how other people will have opinions, but those opinions will only rob her dreams.  Press in, who do you want to be on December 31, 2022.  Give your mind somewhere to focus.  

2022 can be the very best year of your life, but you have to choose that and create it.  You can write these chapters and decide to be your own hero.  There is no better author to your life, and no greater time than now.  Make the prologue this letter from your future self.  Need to better understand, here is my letter to myself.  

Live deliberately, on purpose and with purpose.  You are amazing my friend, you are a mom!  You are capable of absolutely anything, and I believe in you!  


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