About Nola

The first chapters of your life do not have to define you.
Being a woman is miraculous and fulfilling,
I couldn’t feel more blessed to be a woman and a mom
but that doesn’t have to be the end of the story
Perhaps you just need help envisioning, believing and dreaming again.

Friend, I have been where you are.

I had put my career on hold, wrapped the dreams I had personally in a pretty package and locked them all away, and lovingly, willingly and gratefully raised my children. As my kids needed me less and less, I realized something painfully obvious, I had no idea who I was outside of them. Friends were experiencing this same issue with their careers, they were unfulfilled and yet didn’t know how to change the narrative of their life.

It all felt soul crushing.

It took time learning who I wanted to be. Good intended people would offer suggestions, but I needed to do the work. I wanted to write my own story. I began to see the world of possibilities and not the overwhelm of the unknown.

I am here for you on your journey. Who you have been, doesn’t define who you can be. I will help you realize you have the paper, pen and power to become the hero of the story you call life.