Calling in Cupid

Traditionally, Valentines Day is all about giving love to others by showering them with sweets, cards and romantic dinners.

For some, this day is filled with fun and love. For others it is disappointing and isolating.

This year, however, let’s turn Valentine’s Day up a notch for us moms. What if today, of all days, you showered yourself in love. Think of how you would normally give to someone special and instead, do that for yourself.

Say kind words to yourself, heck go read all of the sappy cards in the store and tell that all to yourself! Buy your favorite and sign it.. with love from ME!

Take 5 min to offer yourself all that you love about yourself, pick up flowers or a box of chocolate, get a massage or take a yoga class. Love on you mom, you are worth it.

Showing yourself love is by far the greatest gift you can give you and those you love. By filling your own cup, you have something to give.  

When we give from an empty cup, we feel depleted and even resentful that no one does for you. You don’t need to wait for someone else to see your worth and recognize and shower you – you have the ability to do that for yourself.

Friend, you are worthy, you are lovable and you are amazing… offer that to yourself today on this day of love and roses. Don’t offer yourself thorns and absolutely do not accept that from others!

Show yourself and your children what it looks like to love yourself first.

Happy Valentine’s Day Mom


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