Dear Nola,

As I sit here today, December 31, 2022 and see the year you are embarking on, I would like to offer you so many things.  This year will be filled with some glorious experiences that you will remember always, and some difficult experiences that you would rather forget.  In other words, you will live the human experience.   Here is some advice I want to offer you as you move through this year….  

  • You have raised your kids with all of your soul, let them be the people they are and watch them fly.  It is time to recreate you now and let them create their futures.  
  • Have courage – this will be required of you when you set out on this new journey.  
  • When you start your dream job with the Life Coach School, manage your mind and remember how hard you worked to get here and that you can do hard things. 
  • Blogging twice a month takes discipline, finish what you start without negotiating with your brain which will offer reasons why not too. 
  • Don’t lose sight of your calendar and your Sunday Sanity Hour.  This is going to be everything this year as you stack your professional endeavors onto your personal. 
  • Have courage without forgetting the most important people in your life and always live in alignment with that.  
  • Ask yourself daily, does my calendar reflect my priorities and is it a to do list or a results list
  • Podcasting is out of your comfort zone, but so is absolutely everything you have done in 2021, don’t allow your brain to offer you thoughts that won’t help you achieve your goals, stay courageous.  
  • You will have failures.  Failure is the price of success and you can live through a failure, you already have!
  • You cannot control other people, your husband and kids included.  Let go of the thoughts and “shoulds” that keep you wanting others to change.  Decide how you want to respond, but not how others need to change.   
  • Marvel at your clients and the gifts they have gifted to you – an open mind and heart.  

Goal – personal:

  • Focus 2 days a month on each of my family members (Stephen, Garrett, Brett, Trent, Nola K, and each of my parents) in the form of a shared meal, phone or FaceTime call, or shared experience.

Goal – professional: 

  • Balance consulting at the Life Coach School with Nola Gephart Coaching to achieve financial goal. 

Thought for the year:

I am courageous and will accomplish what I plan to do.  


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