I Want to be Certain You Know

In the spirit of Valentines Month, I wanted to offer a fun exercise for you to try.  When you look at the exercise, your brain may offer you thoughts like, “this is weird,” “I don’t want to do this,” but if you take the time anyway – what you create is quite memorable.  

We spend lots of time looking in the mirror and criticizing our shape, our lines, our bags and circles.  We indulge in guilt, shame and overwhelm.  When however, do we take the time to appreciate all that we are, all that we have done, created, endured and succeeded in?  

We have no problem pouring into those we love.  We send sweet texts, emails, love letters and say kind words.  When, however, do you do that for yourself? When is the last time you showed yourself such love? 

I offer to you that if you take a moment and show yourself the generosity that you shower on others, it will open your brain up to the ability to see yourself in new ways.  

Try completing the letter to yourself. It is really ok to love ourselves completely.

Try using this template for a letter to your spouse/significant other, your child, your friend or parent.  See what emotions come up for you and how just by your thoughts you can be drawn to them.  

If you want to share what you wish for yourself, I would love to hear what it is.  I will include what I wish for as well to get the party started below. 

I wish for you my friends, the wisdom to see yourself as I see you, the bravery to explore the thoughts that empower you and the knowledge that you are capable of achieving your dreams.  



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  1. nolagephartcoaching

    I wish for you the fortitude to stay the course. I wish that you always remember that failure is the price of success and that failure will never define your ability to succeed. I wish for you…your dreams come true.


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