Clarity! Awareness! Nola helped me dig into my own mind to pull up deeply-rooted thoughts that I didn't initially realize were manifesting in possibly negative ways in my life. She will help you, too, see how your thoughts actually lead to the results in your life, by asking thought-provoking questions with her keen sense of curiosity. Nola has a unique way of showing deep empathy, without buying into my stories. She challenged me, and I liked that! Remember, not all coaches are created equal! Nola has a rare gift for truly impactful and powerful coaching, and I'm grateful our paths crossed! I love coaching with Nola, and I'm confident you will as well!

Suzan H.

I started coaching with Nola as a high anxiety, overly analytical person who wasn't enjoying my life nearly as much as I wanted to.  Together, Nola gently helped me see what I was creating in my own life.  Without Nola's help, I would not have gotten on a plane to see my son, bought a house in a new state and come to enjoy my life that I never thought possible.  I am so grateful for the work Nola stewarded me through.  She is amazing!

Lisa C.

Nola is gifted with innate wisdom, and with her life coaching, she is using that gift for the benefit of so many....myself included. She has helped me figure out what I am truly feeling and what are simply my thoughts - versus the truth about myself. I would highly recommend her!

Lynn Z.

Nola has helped me be able to quickly shut down thoughts that don’t serve me. I have learned to just decide to be myself and it doesn’t matter how people act, I have control over how I show up in life. It feels great!! I now put less energy into churning on being alone and my pity party and I instead got three new contracts and today! Thank you for helping me with my emotional tuneup!! It’s been transformational.


~ Emily A.